UEE (pronounced “you ease”) is structured as a Poll-itical Assembly of Earth Citizens

  • Join a New Age of Co-Creation
  • Global Democracy
  • A Better Future
  • An Association of Trustworthy Individuals
  • Poll-itical Networking for Collective Consensus

Welcome to the United Earth Ecclesia

The United Earth Ecclesia is not a church, sect, cult, or religion, but a collective way of Global Thinking.  The UEE (pronounced “you ease”) is structured as a Poll-itical Assembly of Earth Citizens who wish to do anything they reasonably and possibly can to improve the physical and Metaphysical conditions on Our Planet, and Collaboratively Co-Create the Greatest and Highest Good.

This Is The UEE’s Foundational Website. It’s free to become a Foundational Member and Help Us Collectively Create A Better World through participation in Collaborative Earth Citizen Consensuses. The Only Membership Requirements are that you are a Citizen of Planet Earth (no extra-terrestrials allowed) and that you are willing to attest to the UEE Earth Citizen Covenant and live up to it to the best of your ability. If every Earth Citizen on the Planet would attest to the UEEECC (pronounced “You ease seas”), there would be an end to war, All Earth Citizens would help each other prosper to their Greatest and Highest Good, and Our collective home, Planet Earth, would have the maximum opportunity for perpetual sustainability.


It’s free to become a Foundational Member

It seems the world is getting increasingly complex. Not only are we expected to constantly upgrade and update our telecommunications programs and devices to accommodate this increasing complexity, the interconnectivity of our planet brings us progressively more news of the myriad of conflicts, incongruities, and the inequitable distribution of resources that impede the growth and forward progression of our common humanity. What can we do to change this prevalent mind-set of enculturated, ethnocentric competition to a more sustainable and progressive mind-set of benevolent collaboration and compassionate cooperation?

We need to upgrade and update our thinking.

The United Earth Ecclesia was formed to take one giant leap forward on that path. The overarching directive of the UEE is to bring forward-thinking, intelligent, trustworthy, hard-working people together to collectively and effectively collaborate in the Co-Creation of the Greatest and Highest Good for all Earth Citizens. With unprecedented technological interconnectivity, the UEE is structured to make the most of the next evolution of digital interconnectivity. This evolution, Poll-itical Networking, will be used to ascertain significant consensuses on the major issues confronting humankind, and then formulate the collective action plans we can cooperatively endorse to move ourselves forward as a species. We can no longer stand idly by and allow the world to disintegrate before our eyes. The time for action is now! We need your ideas, unique viewpoints, and collective cooperation to help us move forward. Membership to the UEE is monetarily free of charge, but it will cost you something much more valuable, a little bit of your time. Sure, it’s time that could be spent on your other internet activities like shopping, scrolling through social media sites, or playing games. But only you can set your internet time priorities.


What planet do you hope to leave to our children and future generations?

Your time, energy, opinions, collaboration, and Love are the most important assets you can give and the most significant resources we need to effect positive change. You’ll be rewarded with be the Soul-felt pride and joy you’ll experience when the contributions you’ve made have helped Co-Create our new and improved Planet Earth. What planet do you hope to leave to our children and future generations? What are your priorities?



Please join and support our crucial mission