18255913_mlThis Mission is a labor of Love and one small but integral part of this Mission is to share that Love around our planet, one Member and one Exclamation of Love at a time. A crucial key for the success of this Mission is to recruit a tipping point of concerned Earth Citizens who truly desire to make a positive difference in our collective future. We strongly Believe that the majority of Earth Citizens on our planet are honest, hardworking, trustworthy individuals who truly want to help Co-Create a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future for present and future generations.

This website offers an unprecedented platform to collectively exchange ideas and arrive at decisions through Poll-itical Networking on how we can come to a Collective Consensus on how to work together to effectively and efficiently Co-Create the Greatest and Highest Good. If every Earth Citizen attests to and practices the Earth Citizen Covenant, we can achieve our goals, but we can’t do it alone. We have invested significant out-of-pocket financial resources to initiate this Mission and provide this Foundational Forum, but this is just the beginning.

This website is designed to grow and evolve with the input and participation of all of our Membership. Eventually, this website will be totally owned and directed by the Membership once sustainable financial goals are achieved. The greater the size of the Membership the more ideas and actions we can initiate, the more financial stability we will realize and the faster we can institute our collective actions to produce the positive results that we have collectively agreed upon.

The Founders have subjected themselves to extreme financial risk in initiating this Mission and we need your help to assure that this Mission evolves in perpetuity. If every Member that values and appreciates the opportunity to participate and contribute to this positive Global Mission can help us with its financial support with just a small donation, the future of this Mission will be assured and we will have the ultimate satisfaction that our lives truly were valuable in Co-Creating a more positive and sustainable reality for All Earth Citizens.

Thank you for your consideration, contributions, and participation. Please help us in any way and with any financial contributions you deem appropriate.

As Swami Beyondananda says, …”We’re all in it together. Each and every one of us totally unique, just like everyone else. We are all one with the same One. The Universal Oneness. … Maybe it’s time we children of God finally grow up and become adults of God, and realize we are the Creator’s creation created to create. In other words, we’re not here to earn God’s love, we’re here to spend it!”

We’re all part of the same One, Let’s Co-Create the best future that we can and your financial contributions can help us achieve our Greatest and Highest Good. Again, Thank You for any type of financial support you are able to contribute.

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