Why Do We Need The United Earth Ecclesia?

25880110_mlWhat Kind of World do You want to Leave for your Children? … Human evolution is at a crossroads.  We can continue to pursue the currently pervasive Competitive Model or We can consciously and collectively change course and pursue a more user-friendly Cooperative Model.  The Competitive Model served Us well as Neanderthals when successful competition meant survival.  But, hopefully, We are no longer Neanderthals.

The United Earth Ecclesia’s Cooperative Model, will allow all trustworthy Earth Citizens to have a united cooperative voice and a rational choice in creating a better world.  This Cooperative Model will promote the continuance, unity, and prospering of Our species on Our planet.

For the first time in Our history, The World Wide Web may be utilized to unite and democratize all trustworthy Earth Citizens. The UEE will evolve into a Poll-itical Assembly of Trustworthy Earth Citizens because all of Our major decisions will be the result of Membership Polls. Think of the United Earth Ecclesia as a Poll-itical Network for Collective Consensus with definitive and positive social and political purposes. Poll-itical Networks may be powerful tools if used in the proper manner with altruistic goals and unified planning    The propositions outlined here can only be revised, fine-tuned and accomplished with the cooperation, unification, and consensus of millions and billions of people. We hope that you will join Us to actualize these prospects. Theoretically, with a true democratic consensus of all the trustworthy Earth Citizens on this planet, We could, through a metaphysical concept termed Lenergy, create enough consensual Will, power, and action to Co-Create the Greatest and Highest Good for all of Earth’s Inhabitants!

Is the UEE a religious organization?

The United Earth Ecclesia is not a church, sect, cult, or religion, but a collective way of Global Thinking. We do believe in a higher power which we call “The One” and also believe that we are all connected through the energy of Quantum Mechanics in the physical world, and the higher, creative vibrational energy of Love in the Metaphysical world that we call Lenergy.

Is Lenergy similar to Chi or Prana?

Lenergy could be considered similar to Chi or Prana, but we call it Lenergy to denote the connection that it has to the creative potential of Universal Love that ultimately comes from The One and that unites us on the Metaphysical Level of Being.

What is Poll-itical Networking for Collective Consensus?

This is the next evolution of internet networking. In other words it is true Global Democracy offering one person one vote with no PACs, no lobbyists, and no corporate donation influence. Using Poll-itical Networking we will use Rank Ordering and Membership Polls to collectively agree upon the top planetary issues that affect the majority of Earth Citizens. Once these issues are defined and endorsed, we will use similar consensuses to decide what action we should collectively take to alleviate or mitigate these issues. These actions can include petitions, boycotts, endorsing and electing like-minded people to public office, expository press/publicity, and any other definitive actions that the UEE Members endorse as feasible. If every internet connected Earth Citizen dedicated only 5% of their internet time to Poll-itical Networking instead of shopping, playing games or scrolling through social media sites, the positive impact on the world would be astonishing and life changing.

What is the difference between the ExLo Mark and the Exlo Sign or Font?


Exlo Mark

The gold Exclamation of Love (Exlo) Mark is the Registered Collective Mark of the United Earth Ecclesia. In accordance with its Registration, only Members of the UEE are authorized to display the ExLo Mark. The ExLo Mark will always appear with an accompanying circle surrounding the letters CM. Products exhibiting the ExLo Mark can only be purchased and displayed by UEE Members. These products are only available through the ExLo.org website.


Exlo font

The exclamation of love (exlo) sign or font is the newest punctuation mark in the world. It is a free gift to humanity from the United Earth Ecclesia. It is one of the many tools people can use to add more love into the world. It can be used by any person to add and exclamation of love to their written correspondence. It can be any color and is not accompanied by the CM in a circle Registered Collective Mark designation. The free exlo font can be downloaded from the website ExLo.org.