We don’t want you to come all this way to our website without taking something with you.  Here are some free downloads that you can use to get a better understanding about what our Poll-Itical Networking for Collective Consensus Movement is all about as well as the newest punctuation sign in the world that is designed to share some Love with anyone you write to.

You can download the free PDF or Audio Book excerpts from our two new books.

book1_smThe first book, UEE or Not UEE That Is The Question, gives you a taste of how becoming a UEE Member can make a positive difference in someone’s  life.  It’s a hypothetical projection set 5 years in the future and compares the same day in our protagonist  Jane’s day with or without UEE Membership.  The difference in her day with UEE Membership is not earth shattering, but does seemingly provide her with a kind of pervasive calm and confidence  that is not exhibited by her in the same  day without the UEE Membership.

book2_smThe second book, The Earth Citizen’s Guide to Co-Creating The Greatest And Highest Good, give an overview of the tools and procedures we can use to Co-Create the Greatest and Highest good.  These include the Harmonic and Co-Creative Power of Lenergy (the Real Energy of Love), The Exclamation of Love (ExLo) Mark and sign, the vibration raising benefits of prayer/meditation, the United Earth Ecclesia Earth Citizen Covenant (UEEECC, pronounced ‘You Ease Seas’), and the unprecedented platform and possibilities that are being provided by UEE website.

The newest punctuation sign in the world is called the Exclamation of Love sign or ExLo sign for short.  You can download the free font here that you can insert into any written communication  made on your computer.  We’re working on making it also viable for other communication devices.  We can all agree that the world always needs more Love and here is an innovative way to do it.  Feel free to share it with your friends and let’s make it go viral.

Enjoy these freebies, and if they spark some interest, you can buy the full length books right here on the website.  If the ExLo sign resonates with you, become a UEE Member and you are legally free to display the UEE’s Registered Gold Collective Mark, the Exclamation of Love Mark (ExLo Mark) to spread even more Love into the world.