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The Next Evolution for Online Networking is Live

The United Earth Ecclesia is pleased to announce that the platform for the next evolution for online networking is live and ready to accept new Members. Dedicated to the Collective Co-Creation of the Greatest and Highest Good, the UEE (pronounced “you ease”) has unveiled its new website designed to provide an unprecedented platform to facilitate Poll-itical Networking for Collective Consensus. The new website,, is the first step in a global plan to fulfill the inspirational dream and mandate of renown inventor and World Citizen, the late R. Buckminster Fuller. Mr. Fuller’s pragmatic and future thinking mandate was to change the prevalent human mind-set from the prevalence of competition to a mind-set based on cooperation and collaboration.

This website evolution will offer true global Democracy to all concerned Earth Citizens. Its mantra is one person one vote, without the undue influence of PACS, lobbyists or corporate financial influence. The United Earth Ecclesia is an association of ordinary, trustworthy Earth Citizens who are willing to spend some of their internet time in Co-Creating a better world for all Earth Citizens.

Membership in the United Earth Ecclesia is free and open to all trustworthy Earth Citizens with an internet connection. The only two requirements for UEE Membership are that the prospective Member be a trustworthy Earth Citizen (no extraterrestrials allowed) and that the prospect attest to the United Earth Citizen Earth Citizen Covenant (UEEECC pronounced “you ease seas”) the UEEECC reads as follows:

“As Active United Earth Citizens, We Promise that We will not harm or trespass in any way on the person and property of any other United Earth Citizen. That includes a Promise to uphold the Bonds of Trust that connect all United Earth Citizens who have sworn to this Covenant.

As Loving United Earth Citizens We Promise to Love one another and act toward Others as We would like them to act toward Us.

As Rational United Earth Citizens, We Promise to promote World Peace and protect every United Earth Citizen’s Right to total Individual Freedom as long as that Freedom does not harm the person or property of any another United Earth Citizen.

Finally, As Responsible United Earth Citizens We promise to strive to do everything We possibly can to protect and improve the Ecology of Our Communal Environment.”

If every Earth Citizen on the planet attested to the UEEECC, there would be an end to violence, war, crime, and need. In addition, our collective home, Planet Earth, would be a more vibrant and healthy place to live.

UEE Founder Duane Stjernholm admits that the UEE is pursuing an Utopian reality, but affirmed that, “Every journey begins with an intentioned first step”, and that, “If we concerned Earth Citizens don’t cooperate and work towards Co-Creating the Greatest and Highest Good, then who will? We can’t rely on corporations, Governments or Religious institutions to do the cooperative work necessary for the positive evolution of humankind.”

Christians often ask “What would Jesus Do?”. What the UEE is asking is, “ What would the majority of trustworthy, concerned Earth Citizens do?”, and is providing the powerful online platform to garner the answers and the action steps necessary to mitigate and eliminate the threats to modern existence that could adversely affect and impede our evolution into a more positive future.

It is admittedly a Herculean task, but if we all work together and dedicate just a small percentage of our online time into our positive Co-Creation instead of shopping, playing games or scrolling through social networking pages, we can collectively formulate a plan with action steps to accomplish this crucial mission of realizing and actualizing our positive evolution and a more abundant future. To do this we will utilize a progressive combination of Earth Citizen’s Key Issue suggestions, a Rank Choice Ordering of those suggestions, and culminating in endorsement polls which will prioritize these Key Issues. Using a similar process, we can collectively agree on the action Steps needed to address, mitigate, and possibly eliminate these issues with statistically valid results and the concomitant power of numbers with a huge Global Membership to assure that these agreed-upon actions are instituted.

To facilitate this effort, Author Dane Starland is issuing two book simultaneously with the roll-out of the website to inform and educate prospective members on the benefits and Mission of the UEE. These two books are summarized as follows.

UEE or Not UEE – That is the Question Whether ‘Tis Wiser to Suffer in the Modern World or Take Action Against the Inequities in it.

This book, set five years in the future, recounts one day in the hypothetical Life of Jane, a thirty-something, unemployed, Hotel Catering Executive. The book is divided into two scenarios. In Scenario 1, Jane goes through her day without the benefits of being a Member of the United Earth Ecclesia. In Scenario 2, UEE Member Jane goes through the same hypothetical day, but with significantly different experiences and results. To paraphrase Robert Frost, she took the road less traveled, and it made all the difference.

The Earth Citizen’s Guide To Co-Creating The Greatest And Highest Good

As Earth Citizens we have many tools to help us Co-Create the Greatest and Highest Good for all Earth Citizens. This book provides a detailed clarification of many of these available tools including the Harmonic and Co-Creative Power of Lenergy (the Real Energy of Love), The Exclamation of Love (ExLo)sm_Xlo Mark and signexlo, the vibration raising benefits of prayer/meditation, the United Earth Ecclesia Earth Citizen Covenant (UEEECC, pronounced  ‘You Ease Seas’), and the unprecedented platform that is provided by the soon to be unveiled UEE website for, among other things, Poll-itical Networking for Collective Consensus. From the Founding Member Phase to the enduring evolution of the website, this book explores the real world-changing possibilities of Co-Creative Evolution by those of us who wish to be instrumental contributors in producing a more positive future for our collective home, Planet Earth.

The UEE’s Registered Collective Mark sm_Xlo the Exclamation of Love (ExLo) Mark can only be displayed by active UEE Members to identify themselves to other and prospective Members. Its registration requires that it be gold in color and accompanied by the Official Registered Collective Symbol of a circle surrounding the letters CM. A slightly altered version in black exlo or any color other than gold is also being freely offered as a download on the website as the newest punctuation sign in the world. This sign exlo is called the exclamation of love sign and can be inserted in any written communication to express and exclamation of Love from the sender to the receiver. Everyone can use a little more Love in their life and this is one way to show it.

The UEE has been established for any and all people that are concerned about the current direction of human evolution. Working together with the tools and forums offered by the UEE we can surely change the prevalent mind-set from competition to cooperation and direct the evolution of humanity into a more positive direction that moves us toward the Co-Creation of the Greatest and Highest Good for all Citizens of Planet Earth. For more information and/or to become a UEE Member, please go to