No Man is an Island

Both Poet John Donne and Trappist Monk Thomas Merton said that “No Man is an Island”.  Just as one person cannot build a car or a skyscraper, it takes a village of concerned Earth Citizens to Co-Ordinate a positive step in the evolution the Human condition.

This Co-ordination, when impelled by the Energy of Love (Lenergy) , Co-Creates an almost unstoppable force in the production of positive evolution.  This connection of Consciousness taps into the Universal Oneness of which we are all a part.

Unfortunately we sometimes disconnect with this Oneness when distracted by the trials and tribulations of the material world.  Only by sharing our concerns and solutions will we be able to collectively agree on what issues we should elevate to the top of our priority list.  Then we can collaboratively discuss and concur on what are the best needed Action Plans that we can implement to most effectively mitigate or ameliorate these issues.

Once in statistically significant agreement, we can implement these Action Plans en masse to Co-Create the changes necessary to elevate our species.  The process is not complicated, the execution of the process is what will take a lot of time, discussions,  determination, compromises, and soul-searching in how we can work together for the Co-Creation of Greatest and Highest Good.